Discover Hundreds of Hidden 
Interests on Facebook™ to Enhance your Ad Campaigns  
Facebook™ is arguably one of the best resources to get customers. This leading social network offers marketing professionals the broadest and most cost-effective audiences to tap. In order to optimize your investment on FB ad campaigns, it is crucial that you can identify your primary target segments by means of an optimal interest selection

At Spaii Labs, we have developed AudienceDiscoverer, a simple yet powerful tool that will provide you with a sophisticated interest selection on Facebook™, which should allow you to run more effective ad campaigns on FB by minimizing the risks of:
                                              · Displaying ads to generic or uninterested audiences  
                                              · Wasting money on bids for highly competitive interests

Spaii Facebook Interest Discoverer Screenshots


Unfortunately, Facebook™ Ads Manager does not presently facilitate the discovery of audiences by means of their interests, given that it barely provides marketers with about 20+ interests, while its engine can generate literally thousands of interests. The reason for this limitation possibly points towards FB’s aim to boost its ads revenue by increasing competition and thus pushing marketers to outbid each other on a few interests.


At Spaii Labs we work hard to build affordable yet efficient data-driven tools that enhance marketers efforts to tap into their most profitable audiences. With that aim in mind, we have launched AudienceDiscoverer so you can easily and quickly explore the right interests for your marketing campaigns on Facebook™. 

Our cloud-based app accesses Facebook™ API to uncover literally hundreds of interests for each topic you search, which are then sorted by audience size so you can select those that are more relevant to your campaign goals. Our  simple yet powerful tool does not require technical knowledge. In less than a minute you can discover hundreds of interests that generally remain hidden on Facebook™ Ads Manager, which should help you save time and money every time you launch an ad campaign. 

Uncover Hundreds of Hidden Interests

FB Ads Manager shows around 20 interest suggestions, whereas AudienceDiscoverer could display hundreds of hidden interests so you can run more  successful ad campaigns on Facebook™.

Simple Tool for All Expertise Levels 

No need for technical knowledge or advanced marketing proficiency. Just input any broad topic into our intuitive search screen and you will quickly get a neatly sorted list of relevant interests. 

Optimize Your Marketing Workflow

After selecting the interests better suited for your audience, you can easily export them for further refinement or reuse, or you can paste them into FB Ad Manager to immediately launch an ad campaign. 

BONUS FEATURE: Interest Graph

To facilitate your FB audience interests exploration and selection, we have developed a visual aid: Interest Graph. This unique graphic display of results helps you visualize relationships among interests so you can have a better understanding of how those interests are linked according to Facebook™.

The graph is automatically generated after typing any keyword in your interest search, as an ideal complement to the linearly listed results. On your right, you can see the graph generated for an interest search on "sunglasses"


  1. Hundreds of hidden audience interests output
  2. Unique graphic display of results
  3. Multi-language interface and search capabilities
  4. Cloud-based tool you can use from your smartphone
  5. Downloadable results for ulterior offline analysis
  6. Simple and intuitive interface
  7. No technical knowledge needed
  8. Responsive customer support 
  9. Affordable lifetime license 
10. 30-day money-back warranty

Results Comparison: FB Ad Manager vs. Spaii Audience Discoverer 

Interest Search: "Sunglasses"
FB Ad Manager yields only 20 interests

Interest Search: "Sunglasses
Spaii Audience Discoverer yields 100 results

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